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Experience You Can Trust!

Founded in 1986! By the Senior Staff of a Large OEM.

Problem Solvers!

We Offer Solutions Not Impediments!


Always Get The REAL Answer! Not Tied to an OEM!


Especially NOW! Quality Service While Saving Money!

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X ray Tubes & Parts

The Dunlee, Reevo Tube is a great replacement for the GE Hercules tube at a fraction of the cost! We can install for $77k! 8MHU for VCT Scanners. Performix 6.3MHU installed for $50k!

Equipment Sales

Get Systems through DSI. CT, MR or the NEW True Flat Panel DR for $35K Installed! DR X Ray System $85K Installed!!

Service, Our # 1 Priority!

We service Ct Scanners, MRI Scanners, X Ray Systems, Bone Density, C Arms, CR and DR Systems. From Time and Material to full 24 hour contracts and all steps in between!

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Agfa CR Service. NEW DR Panel Upgrades starting from $30K Complete!!

Current News

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DSI servicing GE, Siemens and Philips CT/MRI Scanners. Espree, Brilliance, Lightspeed, Brightspeed, Optima, Achieva, Signa.


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The continued reduction of reimbursements are a good reason to search out independent service groups, like DSI! We can SAVE you MONEY Still with Excellent Service!


DSI  Has Sold, Installed and Serviced CT, MR, X Ray, C-Arm, and Other Imaging Products for over 30 Years!

We service everything that we sell so we want to provide the customer with not only the best price for the equipment but also the best cost of ownership over its entire useful life. Therefore, we prefer to sell and service pre-owned GE equipment, because of the volume of installed units and the availability of parts, especially x ray tubes.  Two vendors, Dunlee and Varian make replacement tubes for the GE CT systems.  In our experience these tubes far outperform the original GE products!  They are also substantially less expensive.  With that in mind we can be very competitive with the OEM in pricing, both for purchase and service.

Of course some customers prefer different manufacturers equipment. We can supply Philips, Siemens and Toshiba if that is your preference. They all make full featured systems, but to some degree, each of them has a lesser return on investment than the GE products.

In the X ray arena we sell NEW and Preowned  ControlX, ICRco, GTR, Pausch, CPI, Min X ray, Del,  Americomp, Ti-Ba, Carestream and others. We also sell and service other vendors such as, Bennett, Quantum, Philips, Picker, GE, Orex, CMT, Agfa, Lorad, Hologic, OEC, Continental, and more.

 Please call us with any equipment  needs you might have. We will check the latest pricing and availability for you and quote you the best price possible. Don't forget, we will install and service it for the equipments lifetime! Review our Vendor Partners Links for available equipment. NEW Wireless American Made DR panel upgrades for under $40K!! Tethered Panels $35K Installed!! NEW Control X Z-Motion Uarm with DR panel $90K!

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