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Experience You Can Trust!

Founded in 1986! By the Senior Staff of a Large OEM.

Problem Solvers!

We Offer Solutions Not Impediments!


Always Get The REAL Answer! Not Tied to an OEM!


Especially NOW! Quality Service While Saving Money!

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The Right Choice in Imaging!
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X ray Tubes & Parts

The Dunlee, Reevo Tube is a great replacement for the GE Hercules tube at a fraction of the cost! We can install for $77k! 8MHU for VCT Scanners. Performix 6.3MHU installed for $50k!

Equipment Sales

Get Systems through DSI. CT, MR or the NEW True Flat Panel DR for $35K Installed! DR X Ray System $85K Installed!!

Service, Our # 1 Priority!

We service Ct Scanners, MRI Scanners, X Ray Systems, Bone Density, C Arms, CR and DR Systems. From Time and Material to full 24 hour contracts and all steps in between!

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Agfa CR Service. NEW DR Panel Upgrades starting from $30K Complete!!

Current News

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DSI servicing GE, Siemens and Philips CT/MRI Scanners. Espree, Brilliance, Lightspeed, Brightspeed, Optima, Achieva, Signa.


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The continued reduction of reimbursements are a good reason to search out independent service groups, like DSI! We can SAVE you MONEY Still with Excellent Service!

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why should I use an Independent service company?
  2. Can you get replacement parts?
  3. Why can't Independent's service all models and manufacturers?
  4. What about remote diagnostics!
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Why should I use an Independent service company?

  • The most obvious reasons are financial and customer service. ISO's are able to deliver a better product at a significantly lower cost  by focusing on their two core competencies: Sales of equipment and ongoing service of that equipment. Because an ISO does not have multiple levels of management and a department for every function, we can quickly address any issue that might arise.
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Can you get replacement parts?

  • There are many different ways to obtain the necessary parts to affect a repair completely and in a timely, cost effective manner. In the last decade, many companies have been formed to address that need. These companies will acquire, refurbish, system test and stock repair parts for different modalities and manufacturers. They will also advise the buyer as to any adjustment or alignment procedures that might be necessary after part replacement. Since they are also independent, they are a cost competitive source of reliable parts that allow the service entity to complete the repair after diagnosis with confidence. DSI also stocks many of the more common failure items locally for faster response and repair. ISO's are more likely to troubleshoot further to a more specific component than the OEM, which reduces the cost of the final repair part and eliminates the possibility of inducing problems with device level replacement. These specific components are often times multiple-source generic items that much less expensive than OEM sourced parts.
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Why can't independent's service all models and manufacturers?

  • Most ISO's cannot and should not try to be all things to everyone. They pick certain modalities and manufacturers and focus on them. The volume of the installed base, expertise within the company, availability of replacement parts and even the proprietary nature of a particular piece of equipment may determine what they focus on. As with the independent parts suppliers, there are several independent options for training on OEM equipment. They specialize in particular modalities or manufacturers.
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What about remote diagnostics?

  • Offering remote diagnostics might work well as a marketing tool but it is generally accepted within the industry that it is just that.  Over the years, the OEM’s have continually decreased the numbers of their service force and increased the number of pieces of equipment assigned to each engineer.  This has negatively affected their ability to respond to service issues in a timely manner.  To answer that demand, the OEM’s have instituted remote diagnostics whereby an individual at a remote help desk will access the console at the site and perform diagnosis of the problem.  Once they have determined a problem area, the site personnel are informed that parts will be ordered and an engineer will be on site the next day to install them.  There is no provision in this model for same day repair except for the occasional recovery by reboot that the customers could have tried themselves.  What it does is give the customer a false sense that they are being cared for and buys the OEM time to allocate their meager service force.  Conversely, the ISO will attempt to ascertain the problem or repair the problem when the customer calls.  If a phone fix is not readily apparent then that engineer will go to the site immediately armed with some of the appropriate parts and documentation based upon the phone call.  Given that the majority of problems are usually resolvable without part replacement but are beyond the scope of remote access, the ISO will many times be able to return a working system to the customer the same day and salvage as many patient scans as possible.  The OEM model builds in a minimum downtime regardless of the problem!

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