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Experience You Can Trust!

Founded in 1986! By the Senior Staff of a Large OEM.

Problem Solvers!

We Offer Solutions Not Impediments!


Always Get The REAL Answer! Not Tied to an OEM!


Especially NOW! Quality Service While Saving Money!

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The Right Choice in Imaging!
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X ray Tubes & Parts

The Dunlee, Reevo Tube is a great replacement for the GE Hercules tube at a fraction of the cost! We can install for $77k! 8MHU for VCT Scanners. Performix 6.3MHU installed for $50k!

Equipment Sales

Get Systems through DSI. CT, MR or the NEW True Flat Panel DR for $35K Installed! DR X Ray System $85K Installed!!

Service, Our # 1 Priority!

We service Ct Scanners, MRI Scanners, X Ray Systems, Bone Density, C Arms, CR and DR Systems. From Time and Material to full 24 hour contracts and all steps in between!

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Whats New

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Agfa CR Service. NEW DR Panel Upgrades starting from $30K Complete!!

Current News

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DSI servicing GE, Siemens and Philips CT/MRI Scanners. Espree, Brilliance, Lightspeed, Brightspeed, Optima, Achieva, Signa.


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The continued reduction of reimbursements are a good reason to search out independent service groups, like DSI! We can SAVE you MONEY Still with Excellent Service!

About Us

In the Beginning:

In 1986 an International OEM bought a smaller manufacturer  of CT and MRI scanners. It was readily apparent that the new owners only had interest in replacing the entire installed base with their own equipment. Realizing the opportunity, the senior staff of the New York Metropolitan Region started Deccaid Services. Soon, DSI had the majority of the service contracts for the CT, MRI and DSA systems in the area and were able to maintain them through their normal lifespan.


The Growing Years:

During the 8 to 10 years it  took for the original equipment to be replaced, DSI undertook expanding its service offerings to other manufacturers and modalities. Due to customer desire for a single source provider, DSI expanded into X ray service and sales. As time progressed, we continued to add certain equipment to our services as demand dictated.

Where we're going:

Today's difficult economic times, especially in the medical field, is a transition time for all. The industry has evolved over the last three decades, as has the world, and DSI will continue to evolve to meet the needs of the Healthcare community. We will continue to supply sales and services to our customers and expand both the customer base and our offerings. Independent service companies can save the end user a substantial amount of money while providing quality service. So all customers, hospital based or imaging center should give third party service a closer look. We are here to help, so please contact us with any of your imaging needs. If we cannot help you directly then we will refer you to an associated ISO who will. Every customer counts and you can count on Deccaid!

Team Bio:

The founders of DSI each have over three decades of experience in servicing imaging equipment, from some of the very first CT and MR scanners to some of newest. We have complemented that experience with education. DSI gains its technical knowledge through formal training, informal assistance from associated ISO's and even through employment of former OEM service engineers. That combination creates a broadly capable service force that is well rounded and adaptable.






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