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Siemens CT and MRI Scanners

Siemens MRI Scanners are quality systems and now serviced by DSI! On the Siemens CT, some NEW x ray tubes are not easily acquired. Sometimes off shore contacts are the only way to acquire tubes with a slightly reduced price. Used or reconditioned tubes are an available option. This is all due to the OEM restricting sales. Discuss the life cost of a system with your ISO before purchase. A cheap purchase price should alert the end user to possible issues down the road. The OEM always gets it's money!

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Philips CT and MRI Scanners

Philips is similar and in some cases even worse than Siemens. They restrict most tubes, software and other items from both ISO's and end users! Please contact us for further details. End users should become knowledgeable and active in the equipment side of the industry. Knowing about the FDA and their rulings can help with negotiations with OEM's when new purchases are made. Make documentation, software, part availability FDA rules part of all written contracts to preempt any problems later on.

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OEC C-Arms

OEC C Arms are the leaders in the industry. We have sold and serviced these for decades. Make sure you have a system checked out thoroughly before purchase, if a pre-owned system is wanted. They are usually used hard in hospital environments and can have a number of expensive repairs needed. The interconnect cables are prone to intermittency, the Image Intensifiers can have artifacts, the batteries have a determined lifespan and other problems need to be  documented and repaired prior to purchase.

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Clarity PACS

Clarity PACS by ICRco can be included with a CR purchase or used as a separate PACS system. It can be a small single input system or expanded to whatever size needed. 

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Agfa CR

Agfa service, systems and parts are available through DSI. Agfa single, multi loaders and workstations are all serviced by DSI. Industry workhorse with full contract or time and material service.

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Claris CBCT

The Claris CBCT represents an innovation in the field of imaging with a flat-panel based Cone Beam Computed Tomography scanner. The Claris CBCT features the best spatial resolution -.075mm, improved signal to noise ratio, short scan times and greater accuracy through powerful x-ray source. In addition to the superior imaging chain of the Claris CBCT, it offers tremendous flexibility with large FOV’s and resolutions -7 selectable FOV’s, each with 4 resolution protocols. 

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Crystal  Imager

Despite its compact size, Crystal Imager features 2 media sizes on-line, with 5 media sizes available. The imager thus offers enhanced flexibility and convenience, as it is not necessary to constantly load a new media format for different image sizes. With its ultra-short access time for the first film and its throughput of 75 sheets per hour (14 x 17 inch), Crystal Imager offers versatility and improved workflow for almost all radiology applications.

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Vmotion AMX4 upgradee 8

V Motion CR upgrade with on  the go image transfer.

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Siemens  Scanners

Siemens Espree, Emotion.

Philips Scanners

 Brilliance, Achieva

OEC C Arms

6800, 9000, 9400, 9600, 9800 and 9900.

ICRco Clarity PACS

A simple expandable System.

Agfa CR

Agfa CR service, systems and parts.

ICRco Claris CT

A cone beam CT 1/10 the dose better resolution.

Crystal Imager

Laser DICOM imager for rad and mammo.

V Motion  AMX4

Upgrade your AMX4 or buy new system with V Motion.

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X ray Tubes & Parts

The Dunlee, Reevo Tube is a great replacement for the GE Hercules tube at a fraction of the cost! We can install for $77k! 8MHU for VCT Scanners. Performix 6.3MHU installed for $50k!

Equipment Sales

Get Systems through DSI. CT, MR or the NEW True Flat Panel DR for $35K Installed! DR X Ray System $85K Installed!!

Service, Our # 1 Priority!

We service Ct Scanners, MRI Scanners, X Ray Systems, Bone Density, C Arms, CR and DR Systems. From Time and Material to full 24 hour contracts and all steps in between!

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Agfa CR Service. NEW DR Panel Upgrades starting from $30K Complete!!

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DSI servicing GE, Siemens and Philips CT/MRI Scanners. Espree, Brilliance, Lightspeed, Brightspeed, Optima, Achieva, Signa.


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The continued reduction of reimbursements are a good reason to search out independent service groups, like DSI! We can SAVE you MONEY Still with Excellent Service!

The Right Choice in Imaging?

From 1986, Servicing Medical Centers, Community Hospitals, Imaging Centers, Veterinarians, Orthopedics, Urologists, Pain Management Centers, all facets of the imaging industry. Consultations, Evaluations, Installations, De-installations, Sales and Service all professionally done at reasonable cost.  We know the pressures on the industry and are determined to meet them with quality affordable results. We respond to our time and material customers with the same professionalism as our contracted customers. Our part pricing is fair and only the part that fixes the problem is billed, unlike OEM's and other independents! We schedule Preventive Maintenance and ACTUALLY do things like vacuum rotate brushes and check, fill  x ray tubes wells with dielectric oil and clean filters saving expensive components and downtime for our customers. Decades of experience gives us the edge!

We work directly with end users, sub-contract with insurance companies, brokers and other service entities. We are a founding member of the Association for Medical Service Providers (AMSP.net), serving the industry across the country. This group was formed in 1986 and consists of 30+ companies. DSI's ownership is on the permanent executive board and has been VP, Treasurer and President of the AMSP. It has brought national vendor contracts, country wide training and technical support to regional companies. It also helps us to service customers with sites in numerous areas of the country!  All with the thought of serving our customers in the best way possible!



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